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Par le lièvre • 21 fév, 2009 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés

Supply and Demand is the book that finally does justice to Shepard Fairey’s entire body of work, a massive retrospective covering 20 years of this groundbreaking artist’s prodigious output…


Par le lièvre • 3 oct, 2008 • Catégorie: Architecture, Design

Supersurfaces follows closely in the wake of the bestselling Folding Architecture and expands further on the most effective methods of visualizing three dimensional space (…)

Folding Architecture

Par le lièvre • 3 oct, 2008 • Catégorie: Architecture, Design

A relatively new trend in architecture, folding is a playful method that opens up the design process to spontaneity and surprise. Folding Architecture presents the results of research into (…)

Box - The Evolution of Character Design

Par le lièvre • 20 mai, 2008 • Catégorie: Design, Graphisme, Nouveautés

Box collects various exciting, cutting edge elements of the graphic world of character, toy and print design by presenting work from 71 artists in different (…)