Articles Marqués ‘gingko press’


Par le lièvre • 9 juil, 2010 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés

This exciting new book is an amazing journey through ‘culinary design,’ a jaunt through the rarefied air of the world’s latest and greatest destination restaurants, cafes and bars…

Fashion Décor

Par le lièvre • 27 mai, 2010 • Catégorie: Architecture, Design, Nouveautés

In the 21st Century when choice is taken for granted, consumers demand creative and unique shopping venues. For savvy fashion boutique owners, it’s ‘experience design’…

Conceptual Architecture

Par le lièvre • 26 mai, 2010 • Catégorie: Architecture, Nouveautés

As Sanford Kwinter once said, “Concepts are the architecture of hope.” In the modern world, conceptual architecture has only become possible due to modern man’s…


Par le lièvre • 25 mai, 2010 • Catégorie: Architecture, Nouveautés

This visually stunning new title is dedicated to the seemingly magical transformation of spaces and structures. It covers an amazing range of residential and commercial…

Emigre No.70

Par le lièvre • 28 nov, 2009 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés, Typographie

During the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, graphic design was experiencing one of its most exciting and transformative periods. The Apple Macintosh computer (…)

Juxtapoz Poster Art

Par le lièvre • 14 oct, 2009 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés

The third book in an ongoing series from the seminal West Coast art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz Poster Art focuses on the art of screen print posters (…)