Global Model Village

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  • Titre : Global Model Village
    Auteur : Slinkachu
    Editeur : Boxtree
    Format : 20,5 x 17 cm
    Pages : 124
    Langue : Anglais
    Prix : 19,95 €


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A tiny mother and child bustle through a dusty township in Cape Town, while a miniature informant whispers in a telephone box in Beijing. Thumb-sized riot police climb the Acropolis in Athens, while an inch-high woman pole-dances around a lamppost in a Hong Kong red light district.

From West London to the West Bank, from the scorched flagstones of Marrakech to the lowest of low-rise views of Manhattan, all life is here. Global Model Village collects together the international works of Slinkachu, the London-based artist who as part of his ‘Little People Project’ has been abandoning tiny model people on the mean streets of the world since 2006.

Documented through photography, these little dramas of hope and tragedy, loneliness and humour somehow get to the heart of what it means to be human; to be alone among millions of other people, all experiencing the particular melancholy and magic of life in the big city.

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