Complete Pleats

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  • Titre : Complete Pleats
    Auteur : Paul Jackson
    Editeur : Laurence King
    Format : 19,5 x 26 cm
    Pages : 304
    Langue : Anglais
    Prix : 45 €


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Paul Jackson‘s major new title Complete Pleats is the most comprehensive book about pleating on the market.

It explains how pleating systems can be stretched, compressed, flared, skewed, multiplied and mirrored, showing how from simple ideas, a huge number of original pleat forms can be created. Each technique is explained with a series of step-by-step photographs and line illustrations, enabling the designer to work through the basic principles of pleating and then adapt them to their specific needs. Complete Pleats also features more than 60 examples of pleats from the worlds of architecture, fashion and product design.

Paul Jackson has taught pleating techniques to students of Fashion Design for 30 years, in both paper and fabric. Complete Pleats is the definitive practical guide for anyone wishing to create and make pleats.

The book includes a DVD featuring 23 videos of pleating techniques.

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