Slanted 20

Par le lièvre • 3 déc, 2012 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés, Revues, Typographie

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  • Titre : Slanted 20
    Auteur : Collectif
    Editeur : Slanted
    Format : 24 x 32 cm
    Pages : 162
    Langue : Allemand/Anglais
    Prix : 16 €


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SLAB! Slanted Magazine #20 – Slab Serif is entirely dedicated to the early 19th century born "serifenbetonte Linear-Antiqua", broadly known as Egyptienne, Slab Serif, Square Serif or Mécanes outside German classification. Developing during Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, these typefaces fastly spread on advertising posters and flyers. Back in these days it was the main purpose of the slab serifs to attract attention by their strong visual expression. In this issue we want to bring back some of this (at least in Central Europe) rather gone attention to the often striking slab serifs.

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