Stunning Advertising

Par le lièvre • 13 oct, 2009 • Catégorie: Graphisme, Nouveautés

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  • Titre : Stunning Advertising
    Auteur : Eva Minguet Camara
    Editeur : Monsa
    Format : 19,7 x 24 cm
    Pages : 190
    Langue : Anglais/Espagnol
    Prix : 32,50 €


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STUNNING ADVERTISING, is a hard-hitting book on publicity. Remembering such as the Benetton campaigns some years ago, a company which opted for publicity without taboos in which we were presented with images opposing aids, hunger, and racism… we thought of doing this book. Selecting only those campaigns which provoked a sensation in the way we act. Those which leave us speechless, or those which bring out a smile, give us food for thought, the motivation to do something.

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