The Picture Book

Par le lièvre • 8 mar, 2008 • Catégorie: Graphisme

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  • Titre : The Picture Book
    Auteur : Angus Hyland
    Editeur : Laurence King
    Format : 19 x 25 cm
    Pages : 344
    Langue : Anglais
    Prix : 36 €


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A bible of contemporary illustration, this is a comprehensive survey of new and exciting work from across the globe that will appeal to experts and newcomers alike.

Compiled by award-winning designer Angus Hyland, The Picture Book presents a broad spectrum of styles, techniques and subject matter representative of current trends and innovations to create a stunning compendium of work. Each artist/’/s work is accompanied by a self-portrait and a short, illuminating profile exploring their inspirations and their approach both to illustration and to their career.

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